Key Pros

Simple to Setup

While the WordPress CMS is widely known to be the easiest and the most intuitive content management system out there, our theme takes it up a notch! All in all, if your WordPress engine is already installed on your company’s web server, you’ll be ready to go with an updated look in just a couple of clicks! Yes, installing our responsive Business theme is that easy!

Easy to Administer

As getting the theme running on top of your WordPress installation may seem easy, managing your new website’s look is even easier! Withing just a few clicks, in a no-coding-required WYSISYG mode you’ll be able to drag-and-drop and implement any structural changes into your website’s design and the elements positioning. That is true regardless of changes being minor or major!

Works Like a Charm!

While WordPress CMS itself is easy enough to manage, the functionality that’s native to our theme makes changing anything even easier! This means that whatever it will be that you would like to alter when running your company’s website, the admin interface will make it incredibly swift for you to do. This means that installing this theme will have yet another additional advantage for you!

Key Theme Features

A list of our WordPress Business Theme killer features is long, actually much longer than what fits these 6 blurbs…


In today’s world of all kinds of screen sizes – from smartphones and tablets to desktop and laptops, adaptable design matters…


Thanks to our incredible team of coders, the very basis of our WordPress Business Theme is as lightweight as a feather, meaning faster loading time!


Believe us, Google will love crawling your webpage and ranking it higher, thanks to the incredible amount of SEO-optimization that we did!


With a built-in, intuitive-friendly admin interface that the WordPress CMS has, making any kinds of tweaks and changes is as easy as it gets!


Clean and minimal design that we’ve decided to use in this theme can easily fit a business of any niche, making it a universal aesthetic solution!


When it comes to defining the look for a median commercial website, formal is the word. All thanks to our tidy, sleek and minimal aesthetic approach…

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More Killer Features

This Business WordPress Theme is not just a clean and minimal look for your business page. Actually, it’s loaded with a number of cutting-edge features, which altogether make a difference between a regular business website and a highly-optimized and technically savvy business website. We’re here to offer you make this change into the way your business operates online, listing all the killer features that this theme has!

Easy and intuitive

Installation, customization and maintenance of this theme are being carried out through a user-friendly interface with tons of settings. Absolutely no coding skills are required.

WordPress Live Customizer

Customize your design with multiple theme options. View all the changes you make live, without reloading your page. With Live Customizer adjusting the design of your theme is as simple as it gets.

100% GPL

Compatibility with General Public License allows you to modify the template and its sources however you see fit.


With its roots in Bootstrap this template ensures absolute responsiveness, and compatibility with all modern devices and browsers – both desktop and mobile.

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